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When it comes to natural hair care look no further than SistaCurl!!

SistaCurl was born from sisters who fell in love with the versatility of natural haircare. The journey from relaxed to natural was an ardurous one with many set backs. Self confessed product junkies who looked for a miracle product that never existed.

It became apparent that many women with curly hair suffer from hair loss due to bad hair practices and/or vitamin deficiencies. The result of hair loss was hidden never to be revealed again.

SistaCurl wants to assist women (men too) to embrace and fall in love with their hair again, using proven natural ingredients, setting a regimen to grow beautiful healthy hair.

Our commitment

Meet my hair crush, my sister!! 

Follow SistaCurl blog at https://sistacurlcouk.wordpress.com where we can discover how to grow/ regrow beautiful and healthy hair. You will get the latest news on what SistaCurl is developing, with new introductory offers plus a wealth of information. Go ahead and check it out.

We are committed to providing high quality products with high quality ingredients.

Customer reviews about our products have been very positive, and the quality of our service is improving day by day. Pop us an email and let us know what you think. Good relationships with our customers are paramount to our success. Serving you is our greatest pleasure and commitment.

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